Post Graduate Courses

PG Diploma

Journalism & Mass Communication* (One Year Course)

PG Courses

MA English (30 Seats)

M Com (25 Seats)

MA Geography* (40 Seats)

MA Political Science* (40 Seats)

*Courses/Subject Running under Self Finance Scheme
Admission Procedure & Regulation

Eligibility Conditions for Admission to Post Graduate Course (First Semester)
The duration of the course leading to the post graduate degrees shall be two academic years i.e. four semesters.

    1. The maximum period in which a candidate must qualify for the degree shall be five years. If a student passes an examination in the last year of total duration, he she will not get any regular chance for improvement.
    2. After passing an examination, the student will be allowed two chances for improvement (subject to 1 above) i.e. one chance for odd semesters and second chance for even semesters. The result will be revised after second chance is over. The examinations of even semester shall be held in the month of November/December and examinations of odd Semesters shall be held in the month of May/June each year.
    3. The re-appear examinations of the students will be held with regular even and regular odd semester examinations. However, the re-appear examinations of the last two semesters will be held simultaneously.

Note: A person who has passed PG Exam shall not ordinarily be allowed to seek admission to PG courses in another subject as a regular student. However,

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