Physical, Academic and Support Facilities


College has constituted various committees viz. Principal's Advisory Committee, Infrastructure Committee, Construction and Repair Committee, etc. for the upkeep and proper maintenance of all types of infrastructure and support facilities on the campus. These committees ensure that all the stakeholders of the institute should get the maximum benefit of it. Teaching and non-teaching staff are the members of these committees and they ensure the maintenance of the infrastructural facilities. A regular Environment Audit, Green Audit, Power Audit, and Academic and Administrative Audit are conducted to assess the potential of infrastructure.


College has various laboratories. College Health and Hygiene committee monitors the sanitization and cleaning of the laboratories. Departments keep the records of utilization of consumable and non-consumable items. These departments maintain stock register and the entries of recurring and non-recurring goods are checked by the stock-taking committee. Regular maintenance and repairs after the expiry of the warranty period are done by the local service provider. The Principal on the recommendation of the maintenance committee can sanction repair up to Rs 5,000 beyond Rs 5000 are sent for approval from the Governing Body and the process of repair have to go through the process of invitation of Quotations. Laboratory assistants and attendants look after the general and day-to-day maintenance of the laboratories. When the maintenance is beyond their capacity, the college hires local technicians. Any breakage by the students and loss thereof is borne by the college, no extra burden is levied on the pockets of the students.


College Librarian is the custodian of the library empowered to carry out the proper maintenance of the library infrastructure. Available reading material is carefully stacked and guarded against damage. Regular fumigation and dusting are carried out at regular intervals for maintenance and proper Stacking. The library also hires the services of local bookbinders when needed. Library is automated with SOUL.


The College has a very large playfield and a large track. All the types of equipment related to sports and athletic activities are available in the college and issued to the sports person. For cultural activities separate dedicated space is allocated for the preparation and rehearsal of various items. The college has musical instruments. A high quality and high fidelity 600-watt Yamaha sound system with 32 channel mixing console.

ICT facilities

The operating systems and antivirus installed in the computers are regularly updated for security and recent advances. Licensed copies of OS are preferred for computers. Advanced Firewall of 'FORTINET' make is installed to college for added safety of the PC and other Devices. The provision of stabilizers and air conditioners is arranged for computer laboratories.

Central Media Centre

Explore the world of media at CRA College's Central Media Center. Whether you're a student, faculty member, or part of our community, our doors are open to you. Experience the power of media in education, communication, and creativity. Join us in shaping the future of storytelling and expression. Discover the possibilities at the CRA College Media Center where innovation and imagination meet.


Cleanliness of the campus is a major task to ensure hygiene over the premises. It is maintained by the regular and need-base additional attendants.

Drinking Water

RO water filtration plant of 600 Litres/hr. is installed in the college. Drinking water storage tanks in the institute are periodically cleaned and chlorinated.

Power Supply

College has its dedicated 5-star rating transformer of 60 KVA and Inverters and generator as backup.


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