Sensitization and Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell

As a government aided educational institute CRA College strictly follows a zero tolerance policy with respect to harassment and gender based discrimination on the campus. CRA College is fully committed to the protection and promotion of gender equity in its academic and administrative system. In collaboration with Women cell, YRC/RR and NSS sensitization of gender equity is embedded in the academic, curricular and co-curricular activities of institution. Our important measures and facilities to beat this target include:

  1. The central orientation programme focuses on gender sensitization sessions in the beginning of academic session.
  2. Interaction sessions between senior and junior students.
  3. Participation of female teaching and non-teaching staff members in all important policy making and administrative committees.
  4. Internal complaints committee to receive and process complaints on sexual harassment from female students and teaching and non-teaching staff members, and for their redressal.
  5. Facility for online filling of sexual harassment complaints with complete assurance that the identity of the complainant will be protected.
  6. Film shows and Nukkad Natak organized by students with faculty support, to engage with questions of gender identity, emancipation and empowerment.
  7. The institution has installed CCTV cameras inside the premises of the college for security, especially for girls and women.
  8. Common rooms have been allotted to girl students for personal purposes.
  9. Regular workshops and short term training programmes conducted for girl students, teaching and non-teaching staff members to promote gender equality and empowerment throughout the year.
  10. The women cell’s outreach and extension activities play important role to target empowerment of adolescent girls and marginalized women in and outside of the campus.
  11. As per section 377 of Indian penal code, article 17, 18, 19 and 21 inclusion and emancipation of third gender in the main stream society.
  12. Promotion of presentation and publication of research papers targeting gender studies.
  13. Selection of gender champions from PG students on the bases of their awareness regarding gender issues.


Committee to address any grievance

Gender Sensitization Committee : Dr. Anu Rathee

Click here to lodge a complaint regarding Gender Sensitization

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