Gender Sensitization

The National Commission for Women was set up as statutory body in January 1992 under the National Commission for Women Act, 1990 with a mandate to safeguard the constitutional rights of women. In keeping with its mandate, the Commission has, from time to time taken various initiatives for gender awareness and sensitization in the society regarding rights of women. It has been experienced that gender-based discriminations exists in all walks of life and every part of society, including everyday interactions at the workplace and public space.
The Commission believes that introducing Gender Sensitization and Legal Awareness Programme at HEI level would facilitate inculcating values of equality, inclusivity and diversity, which are essential for building a healthy society among the adolescent boys and girls. Moreover, knowledge of laws relating to women and gender sensitization is not only crucial for balanced development of young minds; it will also help students in building correct values, self-discipline and national spirit.
The Gender Sensitization Cell presents a compilation of information on gender awareness, bringing forward the distinction between sex and gender whilst defining other gender-related terminology. The action plan of this cell is to reflect upon the ways in which gender and other gender related terminology are socially constructed and the important role that education can play in sensitizing the people to change their mindset.
In order to have a better understanding of the concepts of equality and non-discrimination, the two fundamental aspects of our constitution, there is a need to understand the basic concepts like difference between sex and gender, gender roles, gender stereotypes, gender division of labour, gender discrimination, gender based violence, masculinity, patriarchy, gender equality and so on.
These concepts are necessary to understand because the gender question is not just about women and men and how they interact but understanding these concepts would help in sensitizing people about curbing the gender biases prevailing in the society and would help in empowering girls and women to achieve their goals.
The Gender Sensitization Cell (GSC) is aimed at sensitizing adolescent girls and boys towards existing gender inequalities. With understanding comes ability to bring about attitudinal changes towards Gender based violence. It will help people in examining their personal attitudes and beliefs and questioning the realities of both sexes. Gender sensitization make people understand the difference between sex and gender, how gender is socially constructed and the stereotypes around gender roles It helps them determine which assumptions in matters of gender are valid and which are stereotyped. Need of gender sensitization is to create awareness among the working professionals about the importance of gender sensitivity in organization. Without being sensitive to the needs of a particular gender, an individual may refrain from understanding the opposite gender. Gender is Socially Learned behavior, based on social expectation from Men & Women. The women and children are most vulnerable group of this situation. And it's the undue pressure on Boys & Girls to live up to the established norms of Masculinity & femininity. Girls endure unwarranted social control, discrimination & domination. Boys discouraged from being emotional, gentle or fearful. Gender Sensitization gives a clear and precise view about Gender and help to understand that Gender is not about 'Women' it's about 'People'.

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Gender Sensitization Committee : Dr. Anu Rathee

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